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We have established a new set of com protocals to clean up the airwaves.
This new setup, allows the pilots in different flights to fly on different radio channels and gives the flight leaders the ability to talk between themselves. If a flight leader is shot down, the next in line gives himself flight leader radio status and begins broadcasting to the other flight leaders.<BR><BR>
IT works this way.<BR>
First off, to be on the flight leader channel, you have to give yourself "Channel commander" rights. You can do this from a bound toggle. We will also set up a bind to whisper to all channel commanders. This way flight leaders can talk between flights without walking over other flight communications. If Wildcard is flight lead of red flight and I press my whisper to chan commander bind, only wildcard can hear me.<BR>
So now you ask, what if flight leader gets shoot down! How will his flight be able to communicate with the others!<BR>
Simple, he changes his radio Smile Lets say I am flight leader and Bozo is element lead in the flight. I get shot down. Now Bozo needs to assume flight leader status to communicate with the other flight leaders. He does so by clicking his toggle channel commander bind. That gives him "channel commander" status and now he can hear any chat being sent with the whisper to channel commander bind, and he will now use the whisper to channel commander bind to talk to the other flight leaders.
Its quite simple and effective. In emergencies you can use a broadcast to all function to talk to everyone in all flights. I'll go over that binding as well.<BR><BR>
Remember now when picking key combinations, it needs to be simple and or mapped to your hotas. Reason being. The 'whisper to chan commanders' and 'whisper to all' functions only work while the key is being held down. once you release it you are back to regular broadcasting.
But, lets first start with setting up the whisper to channel commander binding. pick out some key functions for you to use for these, then go into Teamspeak.<BR>
Join the server and then click on settings<BR>
Then select key settings<BR>
The keybindings page should come up. Click ADD to add a new binding<BR>
now set your key combination. if its ALT SHF G. click the first set button then when it says press a key, press the alt key. Then click the next set button and press the SHF key, then the third set button and click the G key. Just do that for whatever key combination you want for whispering to all the channel commanders. This will be what you use to talk to flight leaders.<BR>
Now, under action, select 'whisper to', then 'Chan. Commander' from the next list and 'ALL' from the third list. Then click OK.<BR><BR>
Now we are going to do your toggle channel commander status.<BR>
Click ADD to add another binding.<BR>
set up the key binding you want for toggling channel commander status<BR>
Then in the action list select "Toggle" and "channel commander" in the second list. then click ok.<BR>
you can test this toggle by pressing it. You'll see the green circle next to your name turn red. pressing it again will turn it green again. Thats it. When its red, you have channel commander status.<BR>
Now lets do a whisper to all function. Where you can broadcast to every flight channel<BR>
click on settings and key settings again and ADD<BR>
Set the keys you want for the binding. then in the first list select "whisper to". In the second list, select "channel list". then in the chan. to add box select 1 blue flight. then click ADD. then in the add box, select 2 Red flight and click add. Do that also for 3 white flight and 4 black flight.. When you are done, click OK.<BR>
Now, when you hold that key bind in, you will broadcast to all 4 flight channels.<BR><BR>
That should get you going....<BR>
Now lets go over death progression to flight
So let it be written, So let it be Done....

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